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amy is saying the worst is up the road they can't get to it there is so much mud there. >> we'll have a liveyj
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into the 50s by 7:00, most of us have a mix of high clouds and sun, bright day also. let's get traffic. wanted to show you the bay bridge toll, good morning happy tuesday, no metering lights yet a bit of delay you are paying cash heading into san francisco. couple of problems, two signature alert westbound somersville left lane blocked get off at a get back on at 10th past the scene it is a good drive into pittsburg and concord. problem in the central valley, big jam up on 580 west near patterson pass looking at your traffic waze app very slow westbound from 132 you want to stay on i-5 take 205. eastbound they had to land a medical helicopter that has been lifted off and eastbound is open but a "sig alert" exists patterson pass
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westbound 580. following breaking news out of daly city, water main break forcing evacuations happen clayton court near hillside park where we find amy hollyfield with the latest on the mess. >> reporter: what i'm standing in front of is gross and a big deal. this isn't even the half of it. you've got to see the pictures we have on tape they blow this away. look at all this mud that has come gushing into this neighborhood it has impacted cars, blocked streets, there's a wall of mud on one of the blocks so high we can't drive our trucks through so we can't get to the source of the problem. we were told when one of the water officials arrived he stood and looked at it in awe and even uttered an expletive. unlike anything anyone has seen. they weren't sure what they were dealing with, maybe a
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water main break. now they've identified there's a makeshift reservoir on top of this hill above hillside park where residents get their water it seems that has leaked out first a gush and a lot of water now it appears the tank may be empty because it is trickling now the gush is over. now it is just the cleanup and they are figuring out what happened and what a cleanup they have to do. these people waking to this some not going to be able to drive their cars out of here this morning. officials have to figure out how this happened? why this happened? and they have to clean it up and it is a huge mess here in daly city. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> obviously that is going to take a while. we'll keep coming back to you, thanks. developing news, another top american general caught in that sex scandal involving former cia director david petraeus. as rob nelson reports jen john allen is now the focus of a
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widening investigation. >> reporter: in a new twist to the david a -- david petraeus session scandal general john allen is under investigation for sending allegedly improper e-mails to jill kelley the florida woman who triggered the investigation that forced petraeus to resign the pentagon is reviewing between 20 and 30,000 documents involved. allen denies any wrongdoing and remains in his current position. late monday, agents spent five hours at the home of petraeus' former mistress, paula broadwell, leaving this morning with several boxes. this after the fbi told abc news they discovered thousands of e-mails between broadwell and petraeus, detailing the affair. the affair came to light over the summer as part of an fbi investigation that began after jill kelley received threatening e-mails she believed were from broadwell. officials say broadwell had classified material on her
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computer, which is illegal. the fbi does not believe any of it came from petraeus, no charges have been filed against her. controversy over how the investigation was conducted has engulfed washington members of congress want to e the fbi and the attorney general waited until this past wednesday to notify the white house? justice officials maintain there was no politics involved, rob nelson, abc news, new york. founder of santa clara based mcafee security software john mcafee is wanted for the murder of a neighbor in belize where he lives. police say he's gone into an hiding. police say his neighbor, another american was found with a gunshot wound to the head in the town of san pedro. business czar series of interviews -- business czar series of you -- people looking for a job or change in career may be able to help find help at a job fair in
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concord today. the event is sponsored by abc7, coast radio and job journal at 52 98 clayton road from noon until 4:00, employers from the public and private sectors will be on hand looking to fill a variety of positions. traffic and weather together, next. it is a gorgeous morning nice blue, meteorologist mike nicco will have your forecast, we'll also check in with sue from the traffic center. the all-electric sedan made here in the bay area and this morning it has the
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welcome back. check out these temperatures, latest reports, 35 fairfield, 38 in concord, 39 in santa rosa, also los gatos everybody else in the 40s, san francisco still holding on to 51°. temperatures warmer than this time yesterday. that will spring board us to warmer temperatures this afternoon. mid to upper 60s, a few more high clouds, low to mid 60s along the coast. tomorrow warmest day in the forecast, 70s from our beaches, back in the 60s everywhere with showers mainly north thursday for the rest of us friday.
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>> good morning if you are traveling on the east shore freeway, vallejo, carquinez bridge into berkeley and the macarthur maze, everything is flowing nicely, university right here, about a 25 minute ride from the carquinez bridge into the maze. a couple problem spots, two "sig alert" west highway 4 somersville accident blocking lane, get off at a back on at 10th to avoid that. your waze is showing other "sig alert" central valley near tracy patterson pass multi-vehicle accident left lane westbound if you are headed westbound stay on i-5 to 205 better drive. otherwise to the altamont pass looking good because everything is clogged up before that. new this morning, 90 minutes from now, at 7:45, aaa set to release holiday travel forecast. annual predictions for traffic
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on the ground and in the air as americans hit the visit friends and loved ones, this is going to be a heavy travel season because of the improving economy. mothertrend named car of the year, tesla is taking home the prize. tesla model s sedan is the first car without a combustible engine to be named mothertrend car of the year the magazine raved about the -- motortrend car of the year. it gets equivalent of 118 miles per hour, motorfriend said it is one of the quickest -- smartphone customers are about to have a new option it isn't from apple or google, new release from blackberry. holiday shopping season is almost here. michael finney looks at=x
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high temperatures today mid to upper 60s for most of us low to mid 60s coast high clouds and sun, wet weather afternoon cooler weather on the way coming up in less than three minutes. parent company of blackberry says new smartphones and captaining system will come out early next year they will day by january 30th, after a number of delays. you are looking at a prototype they are counting on the new phones to turn around the company's fortunes it has struggled and last significant market share to apple and google.
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if you are looking to delight your little ones toys with a technology twist can be a good bet. >> reporter: good morning. consumer reports played with the latest games and gadgets to find terrific choices starting with a classic. who doesn't love a good game of montana ly, especially when you can use an ipad to keep track of your cash. or break out of jail by playing a game on the tablet. >> one of the big trends are toys that interact with apps on smartphone or tablet we thought monopoly was more fun with an app. >> reporter: download the app for free, consumer sampled 11 other tech toys. >> pricey but no other toy
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like them kids will play with them for hours. >> reporter: download software to add games to the interactive cubes, shake, flip, tilt or press the blocks to play games like puzzles or math challenges. >> yes! >> reporter: if you want everyone off the coach try loops shifter for $45. players 7 and up use best karate chop like moves to repeat a pattern. there are tech toys for creative kid too, crayola's digital light designer for $60. artists six and older can move the wand to draw with l.e.d. lights they look cooler in the dark. >> this toy is magical. one draw back, motor is loud. >> reporter: smart labs $20 deejay rock dot let kids build -- don't expect high fidelity your child will love being able to say i may it myself.
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♪ ♪ ♪ -- >> reporter: also likely to be popular, tablets for kids, consumer reports in the process of testing these i'll get you results as soon as they come in. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> >> we are looking at a live picture from sky 7 hd moving in on what is a mess in daly city now on lausanne avenue in hillside park, a water tank has given way and leaked its contents down a hill cy. not just the water causing problems -- also bringing mud down with it, causing a major mess. i think you are getting a good idea of what the mud looks like on the streets. we saw pictures from ground level from amy hollyfield. the mud is where she is standing not that far from getting into some of the vehicles and up the road where she can't get to it is far
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worse. the water tank has gotten rid of all its water, all the the water is out. the mud is the problem that remains. trying too get a good look at some of the mess there little too early to get a real good look. >> good view of the neighborhood from this angle from the ground shots amy has been getting you can see how the mud is up to the top of the tires of some of the vehicles. mike i guess the only good thing you can say is luckily it is not so cold that the water would be freezing over. >> good thing it is just mud rolling down thankfully temperatures around 40° there in daly city now. good morning, 6:19. we have a beautiful sunrise about to begin, a few high clouds, just like yesterday morning, as we look from our roof cam back towards the port
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of oakland this morning. live doppler showing the bulk of the clouds, thicker ones off the coast of the north bay up to mendocino county pretty much where they are going to stay they come down a little more into the afternoon a little more high cloudiness than yesterday. it is dry and temperatures are still cool in a few areas fairfield, concord, santa rosa, los gatos mid to upper 30s everybody else in 40s, san francisco 51. monterey bay 37, inland valleys 36 the rest of the bay 43 santa cruz, salinas 48. mostly sunny, warmer today. warmest day is tomorrow, unsettled weather comes in that will bring a cooling trend for the end of the week today back to average in napa high of 66, right on, san francisco 65. livermore 68, oakland 67
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redwood city 68, three degrees above average. wealth of 60s everywhere even coast low to mid 60s bay and inland mid to upper 60s monterey bay 66, 70 watsonville, inland 69, 70 to 71 degrees. fairfield theiry nine tonight low -- 39, high pressure came in as we talked about going to dominate the next 48 hours or so, then this trough will start to move closer to us when it does, it will bring unsettled weather, first with a chance of storms up north thursday with a better chance for all of us friday, lingering chances saturday, wettest day this weekend will be sunday, we'll have one more chance of scattered showers monday, looks like it is going to be a little difficult to get around the next couple of days.
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maybe not this morning, let's find without sue. good morning. live shot of the san mateo bridge tail lights from hayward towards foster city making turn to highrise traffic flowing nicely as you leave the toll and head westbound no delays here just a little bit of brake lights towards highrise. now bay bridge toll, metering lights on you can see backing to the west grand overcrossing, sluggish upper deck of the incline section towards treasure island. once there speeds pick up. west highway 4 somersville still "sig alert" accident blocking left lane, getting off at a coming back on at 10th to avoid that. earlier problem, good news westbound 580 before patterson pass both directions clear the damage is done westbound from 132 towards the 205 junction. >> 6:22. east bay teenager getting
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ready to take thanksgiving biggest stage. charities struggling a week away from thanksgiving. >> back to live picture from daly city of the mess left when a water tank lost its contents that came down the hillside near hillside park bringing mud, water causing flooding. the mud will be there f
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thanksgiving is a little more than a week away and food banks are struggling to meet the need. for the 24th year the organization plans to put out one of the largest dinners in the east bay feeding 5,000 people. other shelters, pantries and organizations are reporting shortages because the food banks that supply them also need donations. they are hoping a remind public will bring in donations. turkeys can be drop off in san jose, san carlos, second harvest has extended hours to make donating easier. we have the teams on under see it on tv. while there at the website, you will find information on our share your holiday food drive coming up on december 12th. abc7 news team will be broadcasting live from all over the bay area taking
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donations. for more information and location nearest you, go to group of east bay teenagers about to per -- to perform in front of millions at the macy's thanksgiving day parade this is what these dancers from katie's dance studio will be doing in the new york city parade on thanksgiving day. the girls say they are excited their routine will be part of a 500 member dance showcase. >> we will be wearing the same costume in a tight clump when everybody is doing it together it will look awesome. >> i'm nervous but excited. >> students to pay their own way so they've been doing fundraising. we are continuing to follow breaking news out of daly city water tank -- flooding a neighborhood.
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lausanne avenue near hillside park, we are beginning to get a good idea how extensive the damage is and how much mud to cleanup. a story you saw first on abc7, oakland port official stepping down after a question able visit to a strip club. >> reporter: latest on the tang ed web that the general david -- david petraeus affair.
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breaking news at 6:30 remains in daly city. you are looking at the
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hillside park area that neighborhood flooded now after a torrent of water and mud came down a hillside when a water tank on top of the hill leaked or broke or something, emptied its content and this is the result, lots of cars and homes affected. amy hollyfield is out there and she will have a live report in just a minute. thanks for joining you i'm kristen sze. i'm -- i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. >> warm out there no need to worry about freezing. live doppler 7 hd showing a clear sky over the bay area a few high clouds, thicker clouds off to the coast where they remain for the better part of today. bay mid to upper 40s, hang out near 60 at noon mid 60s throughout the afternoon back to cooler weather by 7:00 mid 50s. inland 30s to near 40 through 7:00, near 60 by noon, low to
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mid 60s by 4:00 at the coast it won't be as brisk as it was yesterday, sunshine, near 50° range now should be near 60 all afternoon, back in the 50s as we head towards 7:00. we are going to talk about temperatures that are going to be a little warmer tomorrow and then the rain is in the forecast thursday. complete forecast coming up. bay bridge toll, metering lights on, traffic backed to the overcrossings, 80 eastbound san dough dam road accident blocking two lanes, reverse -- commute there maybe rubbernecking 80 westbound as well. westbound 4 somersville major accident alternate route 10th bumper-to-bumper as well. left lane blocked at somersville and the sig alert in the santa cruz mountains highway 9 closed between glen harbor detour in place they have downed power wires hope to have that cleared by this morning.
6:32 am
in daly city. evacuations are under way because several blocks are flooded in that area of lausanne and clayton court near hillside park where we find amy hollyfield who has been trying to find the source. you have located it to a water tank on top of a hill? >> reporter: that's what they are looking at. they don't know exactly what has happened. this has caught everyone by surprise. check out the disgusting mess it has left this is just one intersection there are blocks that look this way. at least one street has so much mud we can't get through. there is mud everywhere. the water flow has stopped, that's the good news. now it is time to work on cleanup. authorities are still trying to figure out where the water came from. people are starting to wake up and looking at what happened as they slept. there was this rush of water that came flooding in along with huge chunks of mud. the call came to police as a
6:33 am
possible water main break. now authorities are focusing on whether this came from a water storage facility on a hill they say it is used to hold water to help boost pressure in the neighborhood. eight homes near the hill have been evacuated. this is not limited to those living near the hill. we are about four blocks away and we are watching people who are trying to get through the mud. >> it is in the mud. i want to get to work. i got -- i'm working at ucsf hospital in san francisco and which want to get my truck. if not i don't know how i'm going to get to work today. >> reporter: his truck is packed in mud wee seen so many cars stuck in a big bunch of clay impacted not going anywhere any time soon. people are going to be trying to pry those cars out as quickly as they can to get to work it is not looking good.
6:34 am
they did set up an evacuation center they evacuated eight homes, two are at the center trying to figure out what to do next. a firefighter told me it doesn't appear that those homes have been damaged. now the concern is that -- will that hillside give? they don't know. this is not something they've expected or ever dealt with before. it is going to be a long morning here in daly city as residents try to figure out what to do next and authorities tie to figure out what happened? amy hollyfield, -- abc7 news. we have developing news right now, new names and possible new liaisons have come to light in the growing sex scandal involving former cia director david petraeus. katie marzullo joins you live. >> reporter: i'm going to do my best. pay attention. for the woman who blew the whistle on general petraeus' fair with his biographer paula broadwell is now at the center
6:35 am
of her own scandal. her name is jill kelley in the yellow dress, married mother of three, social planner in tampa. she received the allegedly threatening e-mails from broadwell. now the fbi is investigating e-mails sent between jill kelley and the top u.s. command her in afghanistan general john allen. 20 to 30,000 pages of e-mails. they are described at this point as potentially inappropriate. secretary of defense panetta says, allen right now will keep his job in afghanistan but his next career move is uncertain. >> general allen is entitled to due process in this matter. in the meantime, the secretary has asked the president and the president has agreed, to put his nomination on hold, until the relevant facts are determined. >> reporter: nomination he is referring to is for commander of nato forces in europe. allen's confirmation hearing
6:36 am
was scheduled for thursday. that has been postponed. last night fbi agents searched paula broadwell's home in north carolina, you see them coming and going with box. they won't say what they found. broadwell and her family have gone into hiding. also, the fbi agent in florida who jill kelley initial went to with the threatening e-mails from broadwell, he's been taken off the case. he's accused of sending shirtless pictures of himself to kelley. coming up on gma you want to keep it here, someone close to this says this is just the tip of the iceberg. katie marzullo, abc7 news. the port of oakland's executive director has stepped down in the midst of a strip club spending scandal. omar benjamin provided a statement about his resignation he accepts responsibility for his acts and apologizes. benjamin was on leave following allegations that one of his top aides spent $4500
6:37 am
in public money at a houston strip club, benjamin was among those at the club. traffic and weather together, next. live look outside now, we have got the san mateo bridge things moving pretty darn well and mike will tell us more about the forecast. also check in with sue hall in the traffic center. we'll go back and give you the latest on the situation in daly city. live sky 7 hd chopper picture now of a flooded and worst of all muddy neighborhood all that brown stuff, caked in mud cars and houses extensive damage after a water tank on the top of a hill broke or leaked and then all the water flowed down the hill. that is the result, we'll have more when we come back.
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welcome back. we've got some clouds rolling up there and bringing rain top the northern part of the state not here back at home sunshine a few high clouds in the 60s everywhere even to the coast. next couple of days interesting warmest day wednesday showers possible in the north bay thursday and cooling trend with more showers likely friday. live look at east shore freeway westbound 80 moving well into the macarthur maze, in good company but still moving nicely no major stalls or accidents. eastbound at san pablo dam road reports of accident two left lanes blocked, eastbound clogged through san pablo. other commute, bay bridge looking good, metering lights on once you get past that on the upper deck not bad, sluggish behind the west over grand crossing. earlier accident westbound 4, this is your waze app, you can
6:41 am
see moderate traffic on surface streets westbound 4 somersville earlier accidenti4; cleared just now out of lanes all alternate routes 10th to the north and somersville, buchanan all bumper-to-bumper through antioch due to this earlier accident if you go farther east highway 4 jammed all wait to the bypasses. to avoid this -- get on the road later, that accident has cleared residual delays should be improving quickly or hopefully soon you can download this app and it is free. backing up what she was saying, loyal viewer sent a picture traffic backed up to brentwood on highway 4 that's a grind. coming up we check in with jane king live at the new york stock exchange. >> first back out to daly city another live look from sky 7 hd part of that hillside that wash weighed taking mudé/÷l8
6:42 am
the hillside flooding an -- washed away taki
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welcome back. 6:44. live picture from sky 7 h of an area in daly city hit by water and then with the water brought down the hillside a lot of mud this is lausanne at clayton court near hillside park. as you can see the hillside at hillside park coming down into that neighborhood and just making a mess some cars covered above the where the door opens so some stuck getting in those cars it is going to be a long time until that is straightened out. better pictures too. >> some ground video gives you
6:45 am
a closer look of what is going on when that mud started flowing down the hillside. i was amazing. now results is intersections -- it was amazing. now the results is intersections wet and muddy. this is what you were referring to. >> high water mark, yeah. >> those drives are not going to be able to get their cars now they are worried about how to get to work, school. our photographer getting great shots there, steve, you can follow him on twitter he also took photos that are amazing. >> right now let's check in with josh elliot for what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> hopefully better news for you josh. >> you hear about the mudslide californiaian in nature seems to be that an regionally specific occurrence i hope everybody in daly city is okay. we have a lot to get to, as we look into this fbi probe into general petraeus' affair it
6:46 am
appears to have snared his successor in afghanistan investigation has revealed possible relationship between general allen and a woman involved in the case full coverage of the scandal for the cia and u.s. military as this grows by the hour. also, a story out of michigan troubling, high school valedictorian stand-out athlete, you see him, on trial for allegedly murdering his mother. but, family and friends, including that man's own father, coming to his defense this morning. we'll look at why his family is sure that he did not do this. what if your favorite soda could fight fat i'm not going to promise even corns and rain bows, -- unicorns and rainbows. we dived deep into this issue today. also, ahead -- pay back, you
6:47 am
know what they say, lara and nick jonas got me a few months back, i enlisted the help of jim courier and andre agassi to take lara on a thrill ride that she is thanking me for even today, because boy did she love it. by love it, i mean hate it. all of that and sally field today. >> judging from what happened to lara, terry and you are never going to punk you, holidays may not be too happy a time for some on wall street this year. >> jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange with that. good morning. one in five workers on wall street will not get a bonus at all this year. according to options group executive search company that vices banks on pay. -- that advises banks on pay.
6:48 am
i have a lower -- [ inaudible ] bloomberg index is down a half a percent. apple taking a page out of google's book becoming more employee-friendly unnew -- [ unintelligible ]
6:49 am
you might say we have diverse weather conditions this week. we've had a lot of interesting weather the last week and a half. now beautiful sunrise coming up from mount tamalpais this morning as we look across tiburon, belvedere, angel island on the ride towards the east bay hills, gorgeous sunrise, uplighting few high clouds. live doppler, you do not need the wet weather gear today another day of sunglasses as we head into the afternoon, it will be a bright day, along with a few high clouds. mid to upper 30s fairfield, concord, los gatos, everybody else in the 40s san francisco 51, monterey bay -- monterey
6:50 am
37, 36 gilroy, 48 salinas. today mostly sunny and warmer. warmest day still ahead of us tomorrow, unsettled starting thursday and cooler through the weekend into next week. today check out our temperature change oakland santa rosa 67 for a high one degree warmer than yesterday concord and san francisco will be five degrees warmer at 66 and 65 san jose 69 at six fremont 69, nine degrees jump over yesterday 60s every even to the coast low to mid 60s the rest of us mid to upper 60s monterey bay more sun less cloud cover and mid 60s to 70 around the bay, spread of 69 to 71 inland valleys fairfield cool spot 39 a lot of 40s inland to fremont most places around the bay shore to the coast in the low 50s here's what we are watching high pressure taking over, going to
6:51 am
hang around today and tomorrow, front stationary waiting for a chunk of energy to ride down this jet stream and kick start it and move it our way before it does warmer tomorrow a chance of showers north as that storm starts to get kicked into our neighborhoods better chance friday less of a chance saturday, sunday and monday drop in temperatures as cold system comes in from alaska. here's berkeley westbound traffic flowing nicely a little crowded not too bad, chp giving update earlier accident eastbound 80 at san pablo dam road is now westbound, two lanes affected, you will find slow traffic backed to the couple minutes skyway. other rough -- cummins skyway. "sig alert" glen arbor until 9:00 this morning downed wires due to accident. westbound 4 problem, earlier accident at somersville
6:52 am
according to our waze app has been cleared and you will find residual very slow traffic back to brentwood. abby reported this to -- tweeted this picture, you can see bumper-to-bumper 20 minutes ago westbound 4 all alternates still very slow past the scene at somersville which is now clear. great app to get you around your commute on the app store it is free. 6:52 now. >> ahead, five things to know before you go, including breaking news in daly city. >>
6:53 am
welcome back. gorgeous shot of the sun coming up going to have a nice day temperatures warm if you missed the rain don't worry mike is talking about that coming your way soon. here are five things to
6:54 am
know before you go: number one, following breaking news out of daly city, serious flooding is creating major muddy headache for people near hillside park. some of the hillside that is runoff after water leak from a nearby water tank. you can see homes and mud has just flowed through several streets and covered some cars. eight homes impacted. people are trapped they can use their cars crews on the scene. >> number two, popular general in afghanistan caught up in the sex scandal involving former cia director david petraeus. general allen under investigation for sending potentially inappropriate e-mails to jill kelley the florida woman who blew the whistle on petraeus' affair.
6:55 am
allen's nomination for commander in europe is on hold. >> number three, john mcafee former owner of mcafee software is wanted for the shooting death of one of his neighbors in belize. mcafee claims he's innocent and is hiding from police in fear for his life. >> number four, hefty fees for super seniors, california state university system meeting today about a controversial plan that raises fees for students who have been there too long without getting a degree. >> number five, major league baseball's writer's association manager and a's skipper -- [ unintelligible ] are bottle on the short -- [ unintelligible ]
6:56 am
[ unintelligible ] good morning. here's a look at live doppler, a few more high clouds than yesterday dry for your commute. 40s through the next hour or so most of us near 60 at noon, low to mid 60s 4:00 in the 50s by 7:00. back to the bay bridge toll metering lights on, sluggish upper deck traffic backed to the macarthur maze. 80 westbound pinole valley road accident just cleared eastbound, now concluding it was westbound. highway 4 once again jammed pittsburg due to earlier accident. that's it for this edition of the abc7 morning news. continuing in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic
6:57 am
during "good morning america." we continue to follow our breaking news story we end with this live picture over that daly city neighborhood that has been flooded and covered with mud after a water covered with mud after a water tank failure. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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good morning, america. br

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